About Us

A major Technology Hub where you can get everything at one place
Its an era of technology where the needs regarding technology are getting increased day by day. So, getting all your technology products under one roof at one place having immense variety is definitely a heaven on earth for technology lovers. We are not talking about any mall at foreign country but the best place and IT business plaza at our own country at Lahore.

Hafeez Centre is the biggest computer market in Pakistan located at Lahore that offers plenty of technology product at one place. It is an indoor shopping mall that is exclusively famous for technology products like computers, laptops, mobile phone, their spare parts as well as different types of accessories. This mall is providing best ever selling and buying opportunities of mobile, computers and different technology gadgets.

The best place for technology lovers
We have massive building of 5 stories filled with technology-based goods. Every story is for different technological product. You can purchase the best even brand new or second hand in best possible reasonable price. You can get all types of accessories, hardware, modems or software here. Hafeez Center is located on the Main Boulevard right next to the Pace Shopping Mall.

Biggest IT Plaza
AS a biggest IT plaza in Lahore it’s the whole new world in its self and the best attraction for technology lovers. It is the best technology market in Lahore but just beware of sellers, who may take advantage and sell substandard, unwarrantable or old items as new. The market has best rates in Lahore for Mobile Phones, Lap Tops etc as well as the best expertise in Phone repairing. Not only in Lahore but the people around Pakistan whenever come to Lahore visits this place mainly to buy or sell a mobile or other technological product and that is because of being the biggest mobile market and the oldest one as well. Therefore, it is compulsory to visit around the whole market and get an idea of the prices.

Different Vendors and Variety of Products at one Place
A large number of vendors are providing bets quality products and services just to provide you all good standard. Due to tough competition among the vendors at one place you can easily get the best ever price by visiting different shops in the plaza. In general, if you are looking for cheap prices on anything computer based or mobile phone then Hafeez Center will have what you are looking for.

Well Recognized place with Quality Products

Hafeez Center has an established name in the market for;
• Desktop machines
• Second hand branded machines
• Laptops (new and used)
• Printers (new and used)
• Service Centers (mobiles, Laptops, Printers)
• DVDs (Software and Multimedia)
• Portable HDDs
• All kind of mobile phones and Tabs of famous brands

If you want a variety of new and used cell phones, laptops and computers, then this is the market you should visit. It is without a doubt one of the largest markets for electronics in Pakistan. You can find just about anything regarding mobile phones and computers. The place has got like 500-600 shops filled with all sorts of computer peripherals and accessories and mobile phone shops.

Providing Best buying experience is our mission
We guarantee to give you the best buying experience. Our vendors are one of the largest importers of laptop parts and accessories in Pakistan. Being technology provider, we cater the needs of end-user, businesses and middleman like wholesalers and retailers. We have wide range of services and products. There are also many mobile phone and computer repair shops here in Hafeez center to provide you with expert assistance. Whatever your need, just get in touch with us today.